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TechBox is a space for professional artists, designers and developers, founded by Surge in 2017, to explore how technology can be incorporated into street arts, physical theatre and live performance.


Through workshops, residencies and artist surgeries TechBox explores how technology can be used to create innovative live art works and new ways to engage and interact with audiences.

In our rapidly changing digital landscape, TechBox brings together both digital artists and theatre makers to explore the possibilities of technology and create new forms of artistic expression.


Have a project?

TechBox offers surgeries to digital artists and theatre makers who are developing live performances or outdoor works that integrate digital art or technology.  TechBox residents have a broad range of digital skills and years of industry knowledge and experience and can offer expert advice on how to further develop your project.  If you are currently developing a project and would like to book a surgery to realise your vision please get in touch.



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