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Surge Fair Work Policy


Surge aligns with the Scottish Government Fair Work Agreement (2018) and the Fair Work Conventions’ Framework (2016), which promotes work that offers respect, opportunity, fulfilment, security and effective voice.


Surge’ Fair Work Policy is communicated to all staff both permanent and freelance at the point of their employment. The Fair work policy is updated on an ongoing basis with input through our annual consultation process and robust evaluation framework. This allows for the policy to be constantly improved and developed by everyone employed by Surge and the Surge Board.  All staff are committed to Fair Work principles and to positively influencing the ecology of the wider sector in this regard.



We treat everyone, whatever their role or status, with dignity and respect.

  • We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, harassment, victimisation, discrimination, and prejudice in any form. Such behaviours are swiftly addressed and resolved informally, or where necessary through our grievance and disciplinary procedures.

  • We acknowledge the existence of structural privilege among those in positions of power and are committed to sharing that privilege whenever possible. Our long-term goal is to empower individuals from underrepresented groups to assume positions of authority.

  • Our organisational culture is non-hierarchical, emphasising shared ownership, accountability, transparent communication, collaboration, and empowerment as evidenced through our consultation process.

  • Our policies and practices respect health, safety and wellbeing.

  • We respect others’ personal and family lives.



Fair opportunity supports equal opportunities and allows staff to access and progress in work through:


Recruitment and selection procedures:

  • Recruitment processes are open, fair and inclusive, advertised widely and discussion prior to applying is welcomed.

  • Recruitment processes are adaptable and applications accepted in different formats.

  • Difference and diversity are valued and encouraged.

  • Successful applicants will be asked if they have any access requirements and whether there are any reasonable adjustments needed for them to attend an interview.

  • Diverse interview panels reinforce our commitment to a diverse workforce.

  • Feedback for all applications is offered.


Equalities monitoring forms, participant info forms and access riders are requested from all staff, freelancers and artists to inform Surge of access needs that they might require before starting their engagement and these access needs will be addressed.

Paid internships:  Surge pays for all internships at Real Living Wage, except those that form part of an assessed placement for a student in further or higher education as a part of their course.


Training and development opportunities:  Surge actively encourages staff to take up training and professional development opportunities.


Fair opportunity for pay progression.  


Engaging with diverse and local communities through our workshops, residencies and festival.



Fulfilment is a key factor in both individual and organisational wellbeing.  Staff who are fulfilled in their jobs are more likely to be engaged, committed and healthy.

  • Surge gives its staff the opportunity to use and develop their skills and encourages people to have autonomy and control over their work and to make appropriate decisions.

  • Tasks and staff programmes of work are aligned to the skills, talents and aspirations of the staff who carry them out.

  • Surge actively encourages staff to take up training, learning and professional development opportunities.



Surge recognises that fair pay and fair contracts demonstrates a commitment by us to our staff and improves productivity, reduces absenteeism and improves staff morale.

  • Surge freelance pay scales are determined by external bodies such as ITC (Independent Theatre Council), Musicians Union and Equity. Surge pays above (and never below) minimum pay scales advised by these bodies.  

  • Surge is an accredited Living Wage Employer.

  • Surge operates no zero hours contracts. 

  • Surge staff rates of pay are based on public sector pay rates. 

  • Surge staff are all on permanent contracts, except one, that is currently time limited, to be put on permanent contract in April 2025. 

  • Surge pays for all internships at Real Living Wage, except those that form part of an assessed placement for a student in further or higher education as a part of their course.

  • All staff can work on flexitime and can work remotely as well as at Surge premises where appropriate.

  • All staff are entitled to sick pay and to access the Nest Workplace Pension Scheme.


Effective Voice

We encourage an open and safe environment for raising concerns and ensuring that all voices are heard, on workplace issues, organisational development and programming discussions.  We are tolerant of different views and encourage transparent, open dialogue. 

  • Regular and clearly-minuted team meetings ensure open communication and encourage reflective practice among staff.

  • Staff have 1:1 line management meetings every 2 months where a work plan is outlined and agreed on, where staff can say what they feel in an open and transparent dialogue and where their voice can be heard.

  • Staff are aware that Surge is happy for them to join a union of their choice.

  • We have an annual consultation process where we gather staff, artists, participants, producers, directors and partners from the sector and they help to shape our programme of work.  Real improvements and changes are made each year as a result of these consultation processes.


Review date:  25.10.23

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