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Surge Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Policy 

EDI Statement 

Surge welcomes a diverse population of staff, artists, audiences and participants. Surge is committed to promoting equality, respect and fairness throughout our policies, processes, employment conditions, activities and programme. Surge is committed to creating opportunities for people to work and engage with us, providing an environment that encourages, nurtures and develops artistic voices at all levels of experience.  Surge  is also committed to ensuring that our practise is accessible and inclusive, and that we achieve and maintain the highest standards of equality and diversity.   

Surge’s Fair Work Policy and EDI action plan should be referred to in conjunction with this policy.  

Anti-racism statement: 

Surge has a zero tolerance approach to racism and is committed to eliminating unlawful race discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity for all.  Surge values the diversity of its staff and those who use its services and is committed to ensuring that it achieves and maintains the highest standards of equality and diversity.   

Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion 

•    The Equality Act 2010 provides a comprehensive legal framework to protect the rights of individuals and advance equalities of opportunity for all.  Surge’s EDI policy adheres to this framework and we strive to achieve best practise in terms of employment conditions and treatment of our staff, performers, audiences and participants. Every staff member has personal responsibility for the implementation of the policy. Any instance of doubt about the application of the policy or other questions should be addressed to The Director, as should any requests for special training.

•    Surge will not unlawfully discriminate on the grounds of gender, actual or perceived, sexual orientation, disability, race, colour, nationality, national or ethnic origin, marital status, age and actual or perceived religious or similar belief through the application of any unjustifiable factor.

•    We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, harassment, victimisation, discrimination, and prejudice in any form. Such behaviours are swiftly addressed and resolved informally, or where necessary through our grievance and disciplinary procedures.

•    The policy applies to the advertisement of jobs, recruitment and appointments, training, conditions of work, pay and every other aspect of employment. The policy also applies equally to the treatment of our performers, audiences and participants. Staff involved in recruitment and programming in particular should request training if they have any doubt about the application of this policy.  

  • Employees should note that the imposition of a condition or requirement which has an adverse impact on someone, because his or her sex, race or marital status, etc. is more likely to be affected by it, will also be unlawful unless it can be justified on grounds of the needs of our service. In all such situations The Director should be consulted.


Support and Adjustments 

Equalities monitoring forms, participant info forms and access riders are requested from all staff, freelancers and artists to inform Surge of access needs that they might require before starting their engagement and appropriate adjustments will be made (which may include reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010 for an employee with a disability). 


•    Staff training is encouraged on many areas of EDI including intersectional barriers that may prevent access to the arts.

•    Surge builds mentoring and training opportunities into each programme strand to prioritise those from under-represented groups and operates an open-door policy, in person or online to ensure anyone can access and engage with activity.

•    Surge’s dedicated EDI specialist staff member leads on these internal and external training programmes.

•    Surge encourages staff to discuss their career prospects and training needs with their line manager at least annually.

Breaches of the Policy

•    Any member of staff may use the grievance procedure to complain about discriminatory conduct.

•    Any employee who discriminates unlawfully on the grounds of race, sex or disability will be subject in appropriate circumstances to Surge’s disciplinary procedure. In serious cases, such behaviour may be deemed to constitute gross misconduct and, as such, may result in summary dismissal in the absence of mitigating circumstances.

•    Failure to comply with this policy may lead to disciplinary action.


•    Thorough reflection and evaluation, for all staff and management, ensure best practice for Surge’s artistic collaborations to assist them in operating with equality and fairness.

•    Surge has a dedicated Board member and staff member to monitor best EDI practice and reflect this back to the organistion.

  • Annual consultation with a diverse range of industry professionals and early career artists helps to inform best practice across all of Surge’s policies.

Next review date:  October 2024

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