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Surge has written the following procedures in order to protect you and to connect safely online with you.  Please follow our online code of conduct when taking part in our digital projects.


  • Please turn off your mobile phone unless you are using it to connect to the online session.

  • You can choose if you would like to have your camera on.  By choosing to turn your camera on, you are consenting to the staff member(s) and the other participants seeing your video.  If you are unsure about this please talk to the session leader or a member of staff before the session starts.

  • When using zoom please make sure your first name is on your video and please mute yourself if you are not speaking.

  • Be kind and respectful to others on the platform.

  • Don’t screenshot, take photos or record any of the online session without asking permission.

  • Make sure that the people you are living with know you are a live video chat.  They should not be included in the chat.

  • Wear appropriate clothing, even on parts of you that you think won’t be seen.

  • Remember it’s easy to misinterpret things online.

  • Keep yourself safe – don’t share something that feels too personal.

  • Talk to your key contact if you are worried about anything.

  • If you are worried about anything during the online session please private message the session leader/ staff member via the chat.

  • If you are unable to adhere to the above rules then you will be removed from the online session.  In the case of a young person, your parent/ carer will be informed.



Written – 13.08.20 KV

Reviewed – 24.10.23 KV

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