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This document has been developed to assist theatre makers to create outdoor performances to engage a specific audience interactively with a local challenge or issue.

The document is interactive and designed to guide theatre makers though a process enabling the creation of a project that embraces public engagement in its truest form.

What we mean by public engagement here is a two-way process between the targeted audience and those creating the performance.

Talk About Tsetses Malawi - October 2022..jpg
Talk About Tsetses Malawi - October 2022..jpg

This is not a process for making a theatrical ‘public information film’ or simply imparting knowledge or instructions to an intended audience. Rather, this process aids the creation of an interactive performance. One that encourages dialogue and actions from everyone who is affected by, or can help with, the issue or challenges in question before, during and after the performances.


This resource is free to use and was developed as part of Surge’s Talk About Tsetse project in Malawi.

To access the guide click here

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