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SURGE SPRING/SUMMER 2024 Workshops and Sharings/SUMMER 2024

Surge hosts regular residencies, where artists and performers develop new works. You can take part in workshops helping develop these new works and view sharings at the end of the residency to see a work in progress version of the show. These are held at 2/2, 51 Cadogan Street, Glasgow G2 7HF.To attend contact

MAERL by Julia Barton
Sharing – Friday 3rd May at 4pm

Places are limited so please confirm/RSVP 

MAERL: is exploring interactive sculptural, and performative ways to celebrate and draw attention to an extremely important seabed habitat Maerl, and its need for protection.  Maerl is a long living pink coral-like seaweed. Using the metaphor of MAERL being an innovative award-winning eco-home, the audience is invited to enter, view, and interact with the Mearl set, meeting a few of the bio-diverse inhabitants such as a celebrity dancing sea cucumber and veteran octopus who tells of their escape from another nearby Maerl community that has been devastated by dredging, making the need for Marine Protection clear. Our short visit to this otherworldly habitat also offers us the opportunity to experience the renowned relaxing properties of a Maerl bed!

MAERL R&D is being Supported by The National Lottery through Creative Scotland

The experimental performance will run for approx 20mins, after which there will be an opportunity for audience feedback, networking and refreshments.

To attend, please contact

MAERL. Julia Barton.jpg
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