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Workshops and Sharings/SUMMER 2024 

Surge hosts regular residencies, where artists and performers develop new works. You can take part in workshops helping develop these new works and view sharings at the end of the residency to see a work in progress version of the show. These are held at 2/2, 51 Cadogan Street, Glasgow G2 7HF.

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FRUTOPIA by Zinnia Oberski
Sharing - Thurs 18 April at 4pm


'FRUITOPIA' explores the comedy potential of fruit on stage and the different symbolisms attached to different kinds of fruit.Fruit is the essence of summer, the reward for our hard work, the sensual monkey-brain sugar-rush that we have pursued since before we knew who or what we were. Today, we package it, spray it, breed it and sell it in vast quantities – it is a 'product'. In a goal-oriented world obsessed with outcome and result it represents the end point – the utopia, the 'happily ever after'.A clown piece with circus elements, FRUITOPIA blends circus technique with physical theatre to create a naïve, joyful world which is nonetheless full of challenge and bewilderment.

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